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Year 1 & 2

Welcome to Year 1 & 2

         Our class teacher is Mrs Carter she helps us with our learning.

Summer Term 2015

1st - 5th June 2015

In music this week, we have been exploring symbols and instruments. We used different instruments and thought about the kind of sounds they made. Then we chose the best instrument to make the sound of rain, thunder and rainforest animals for our rainforest composition. We had to read symbols to know when to play. We did a great job of reading the symbols and following the instructions. 

Rainforest music

Still image for this video

10th June 2015

Harley Gallery Trip

Today we went to the Harley Gallery. We went to look at jewellery that had been designed and made by David Poston. We had some photos of the jewellery and we had to find them in the exhibition. Next we went to the classroom and we took photos of each other in front of different backgrounds wearing jewellery. Then we did some green screen photography which made us look like we were in other places, like on a rollercoaster or even under the sea! This is what we thought of our trip;

'It was awesome!'

'It was fun!'

'It was great!'

'Everything was amazing!'

'I loved dressing up!'

'I loved the green screen photography!'





22nd - 26th June

Lea Green

We all had a great day out at Lea Green. We went on a photo trail, did a hex challenge, tried out lots of mini sports and finally went wall climbing. It was lots of fun!

23rd June - Sports Day


Today it was really hot and sunny. Suddenly it started to rain and we saw lightning and heard big bangs of thunder! When it stopped raining, we went out to play. Our playground was covered with water vapour. We had lots of fun!

Spring Term 2015
20th - 24th April 2015

We are loving our new topic about animals called 'Why can't a meerkat live at the North Pole?' We have been really busy leaning about different animals and we have written great non-fiction texts about them. We are currently turning our texts into a website so look out for the link!


We have been learning the names of all the seven continents of the world. We have been telling this story to help remember them.

Once upon a time, North America and South America got married. They went on their honeymoon to Europe. A year later they had quadruplets and gave them all names beginning with A; Asia, who had the shortest name but was the largest continent, Africa, Australia and Antarctica.


27th April - 1st May 2015
We have been really busy finding out about animals. Look at our class website and read our fantastic information!


Click on an animal to go to our class website


We had great fun today making meerkats!

4th-8th May 2015

This week we are learning about habitats. A habitat is the natural type of place that plants or animals live in. We have found out that all living things need four things from their habitat; food, water, air and a place to live. Here are some of the habitats we have looked at. What might live there?

Picture 1 African Savanna
Picture 2 Antarctica
Picture 3 Beach
Picture 4 Desert
Picture 5 Forest
Picture 6 Ocean
Picture 7 Rainforest
We have been learning that some habitats are smaller and are called microhabitats. We went exploring in the wildlife area and spotted lots of different microhabitats. How many can you remember? What kind of creature might live there and why?

18th-22nd May

This week we have been looking at environmental art. We looked at work by Andy Goldsworthy and used some of his ideas to create our own pictures. We collected natural things from the wildlife area and then turned them into our own animal pictures.