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Giving a global dimension to learning is very important. This will help us to understand the rich diversity of human life on our planet, and to appreciate what we have in common as fellow human beings. Twinning with a school in a different part of the world is a great way to achieve this. We are now twinned with the Bakoteh Annex Lower Basic School in the Gambia.


The Gambia is a long, thin shaped country, and is the smallest country in mainland Africa. It is about the same size as Yorkshire in England, it has no mountains, and is very flat. The Gambia has 80km of Atlantic coast, and is bordered on all sides by Senegal.


As most Gambian schools do not have electricity, computers or internet access, the main form of communication between children will be via letters. The Gambia does not have a postal delivery service so letters are sent there via a project worker. An airmail letter typically takes around 14 days to arrive.


Gambia is one of Africa’s most densely populated countries, and population has grown quickly in recent years. In 2007 was estimated at 1.7 million, with 44 per cent of the population aged under 15. Only 40% of the population are literate, and the birth rate is an average of 5.2 children per woman. The average life expectancy is 53 years for men and 55 for women.