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Behaviour and Rewards

Our aim is to provide a secure, happy, safe and stable environment for pupils and staff at Temple Normanton School. We believe that our policy should reflect an approach which recognises and draws attention to positive behaviours. Good behaviour should always be recognised and praised, so that examples are made and set by all children, and by staff providing good role models.



We recognise the importance of good relationships between everyone involved in the life of our school. We aim towards the highest standards in our relationships with both children and adults and would hope that everyone will follow this model.



We will encourage acceptable standards of behaviour, encouraging children to show;

  • Respect for other people and their property
  • Respect for the school buildings and the surrounding environment
  • Good manners
  • Honesty


The basic principle which all in school are expected to observe is that we avoid saying or doing anything which may offend, upset or injure other people. No child should prevent the teacher from teaching or the learner from learning.


Standards of behaviour will be reinforced through the use of SEAL (Social and Emotional Aspects of Learning) in the curriculum, especially in PSHE.  Children will be taught to manage their feelings, social skills, motivation, empathy and self awareness.



Children are encouraged to develop a responsible, caring attitude to all aspects of school life.


We encourage the children to be responsible for their own actions and to realise the consequences these actions may have on other people. We expect them to develop respect and care for other people and property. We expect them to be polite and courteous.  In school great emphasis is placed on praise and encouragement to raise children’s self-esteem.




However positive and generous we are with rewards, and however relevant and interesting the curriculum is, there will always be a minority of children who push the limits of acceptable behaviour. Sanctions are used to show such behaviour will not be tolerated.

These sanctions may include;

  • Time out in a quiet area or in another class.

  • A verbal reprimand or warning.

  • Repaying wasted time.

  • Missing part of a break or lunchtime.

  • Contacting parents.

  • If a child continues to show unacceptable behaviour then they will not be allowed to go out of school on trips, swimming, forest schools activities etc.If we cannot trust them in school then for Health and Safety reasons they will not be allowed out of school for activities.


We invite parents to be part of our behaviour policy, and will inform them of any difficult behaviour at an early stage and hopefully work in partnership to improve behaviour.


If difficulties persist then a special programme may be written with specific targets for the child to achieve. Specialist help may be required.


As a last resort and in exceptional cases, the Headteacher may have to exclude a child. Exclusion will only be used if the child is constantly disrupting the progress of other children, is a danger to him/her or others or is abusive or violent to adults in school