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We know that every school day lost can have a serious impact on your child’s attainment and overall progress in school. We are committed to promoting excellent attendance by fostering a love of school as well as providing an environment and ethos where children feel safe & can build positive relationships with each other.


Attendance and Lateness

All children need to be in school at 9.00 am ready for registration and in order that they can make a good start to the day. Children will not be allowed to leave school before 3.15 pm unless they have a medical appointment (you may be asked to provide evidence of this). The school gate will open at 8.45 am to allow you drop children off and have chance to talk to your child’s class teacher and again at 3.10 pm in preparation for collecting your children. Any child arriving after the close of registration at  9.10 am will be recorded as late for that session. If a child arrives after the register has closed but their parent provides them with a note detailing a reason acceptable to the school, they are marked as authorised absence for that session. If they are late and fail to provide an acceptable reason they will be marked as unauthorised absence for the whole of that session. Teachers will complete registers in accordance with the guidance they have been given. The Headteacher will inspect registers periodically in order to ensure that they are being satisfactorily maintained and to ensure that any potential attendance difficulties are identified at an early stage.


How do I report my Child's Absence?

Please contact the school  on the day of the absence informing us the reason why your child is absent. If possible please telephone the school before         9:00 am.  If we do not receive a message about the absence the school will try to contact you.


Can I Take my Child on Holiday?

In accordance with Education (Pupil Registration) (England) Regulations 2006 as amended from 1st September 2013, the School has a strict policy on Exceptional Leave. This applies to ALL the children in School. Please note that you are expected to take family holidays during the school holidays. If you take a holiday during term time your child’s absence for this purpose will be treated as an UNAUTHORISED ABSENCE. If you feel your holiday is being taken under ‘exceptional circumstances’ then please come in and see the Headteacher to discuss this. The school will record and monitor attendance in accordance both with the statutory requirements and with the principle that regular, uninterrupted attendance is vital to a child's educational progress.